Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sorry for the absence in updates. Our spiritual life and goal have had us so busy, its been a whirlwind.
Since our last update we have:

Become extremely active in our local RBC and Alan has turned in our applications to help at Warwick, NY - New World, Headquarters Project. We have interviewed with our local construction group and we hope to get called to assist.

Both Alan and I have started Regular pioneering! We're SO EXCITED! Being in the Sign Language field, there are just too may opportunities to not participate fully in the Pioneer Ministry.

We have started a little hobby farm. We have a nice Garden, Pigs, Chickens and the Orchard is under construction now. Definitely could supplement our cash flow  if we maintain a simple life.

Here are our Chicken & Pig cams!



Be back soon!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Shower Glass

We were able to get our shower glass in a couple weeks ago thanks again to GH Slack and Son!! Beautiful work! We now have our dream shower!!!

Really, only a few odd and end things left to do on the cabin and we can call it officially complete. We are really enjoying it and feel like we really planned it out well and are able to function nicely.

Monday, April 1, 2013

The King's Throne Has Arrived

This past weekend we got a lot of little things done and a couple huge ones. We installed our microwave and the storage door. Right now the storage door is just nailed up there but we plan to put hinges and a handle on it. But for now we just wanted to get it covered.

Most importantly, though, we installed our new composting toilet!!! No more goin in a bucket and hauling off the stuff we can now sit high and comfortably on this "throne" that churns and burns everything and turns it into compost. We saved a lot from putting in sewage and quite a bit from the smaller and probably cuter toilet but with feet dangling, I'm now a happier camper! They say this compost grows the biggest and best tasting produce so if any of you are interested in my first crop of tomatoes put your order in now!!! Haha just kidding! ;)

Still waiting on our hot water because we are installing a propane tank and its pricey.

Also finally got the rest of my headboard completed. Can't wait to receive the quilt my aunt in Oklahoma is making me!

And so today I officially break in the kitchen with my first actual meal! Still no stove but thanks to my anniversary gift from my grandma I can make a tasty roast in my crock pot.

Off to prepare for our meeting tonight. Until next time! ;)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Countertops Installed, Sinks and faucets.

Thanks to our friends Elon and Lindsay Floyd with A Stroke of Genius for my beautiful custom concrete countertops! They really pulled through for us and made perfect timing! Check their web site out! They do all kinds of cool stuff!

And we also now have running water. Cold water but its clean and I can now wash and put away the few dishes I've saved. Never thought I would enjoy washing dishes as much as I did. Haha. I'm sure I will be saying otherwise in a few months from now. We opted out of having a dishwasher so we could have more storage.

Thanks also to Mike "The Honest Plumber" for all of our plumbing!


Notice too my awesome mirror! I found this drift wood tray at Home Goods a year ago and had a mirror cut to size. Then my dad glued it to the tray. I LOVE IT!!!!

We've ordered our composting toilet & microwave/hood so hopefully those will be installed soon! But I am happy to be using a bucket and taking some cold showers to have the peacefulness of this little place!

Next in line to is ordering the propane hook up, stove and closets. Then we should be able to focus on the exterior.

Life is great for the three bears!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Onward we go!

Thanks to Michael with Fiber Tech for installing the carpet (we got free from Ivan by the way) and the laminate flooring. It all turned out beautiful!

And not sure if I mentioned Flooring Liquidators is where we got our laminate flooring. They have huge selections, awesome pricing and were so helpful! Ask for Darin Tripp. Their web site is

Next was thanks to my Daddy, Nick Comstock, for building my awesome bed exactly how I visioned it! This picture shows it completed and then after I stained it. There are now baskets in the cubbies. (Pictures coming soon)

Next is a HUGE thank you to my uber talented sister-n-law, Colleen McCaa with McCaa Fab. She built this AWESOME ladder for Ethan's loft. She surprised me with the handles that look like branches. It is perfect!!! We just need to clean it up and clear coat it and we are good to go. My niece even helped on it. The picture of the welder is her. ;)

Colleen can make anything from fencing, gates, wrought iron decor and just about anything else you can think of.

Next, my sister gave us a great idea for our lack of a dining area to make a counter against the wall for dining! So, Alan and I built one here! It was so easy! Just shelf brackets and per-cut wood from Lowes, painted and stained and done!

The outside trim, baseboards, small closet door and the barn door for the bathroom were all installed and painted as well.

Mom and Dad came over and as my mom helped me with cleaning, my dad painted the bathroom barn door and the storage door to look aged! I was so excited! The colors turned out great! (In need of a Thesaurus, I'm running out of adjectives LOL ;) )

And finally, this past weekend, Alan and Ivan got our electricity up and running and we started to move in! Our first night was Sunday. Need to also thank our good friends, John William & Megan Jackson for their help Sunday with moving our stuff and helping to install the barn door and screen door. ��'s the outside! Too cute, right? More pics to come as we settle in and get things put away. :)

Oh and we found a great deal on a fridge that had a dent in the back! Alan says angels sing when he opens the doors. Haha. It's because it has LED light inside!

Dedicated to and in loving memory of my grandpa, Winford "WC" Hogan Sept. 12, 1923 - Feb. 8, 2013

So much has happened since I posted last. Both good and sad! My grandpa who I've mentioned before in this blog passed away on the 8th. I loved him so very much and will miss him like no one before! I will miss his stories most of all! His voice will forever be in my ears with words of advice and his instructions on driving, yard selling & construction. But I am grateful for our hope of seeing him again very soon when he will be young and healthy again in the Promised Paradise! (Revelation 21:3,4)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cabinets In!!!

Today Alan and Ivan installed our kitchen cabinets. They look beautiful!!!! Thank you to Chris at GH Slack & Son for his help on planning and ordering! Check them out