Monday, April 11, 2016

Pretty Kitchen

My kitchen looked clean and pretty this morning so I thought it deserved a spotlight. Changes coming soon to our tiny house. Our son has officially outgrown the loft we built for him and is currently using the living room as his man cave. I'm ready for my living room back so I can entertain again so we are building an addition hopefully very soon!!! Stay tuned! 😊


Friday, June 12, 2015

Redneck Red Carpet 20th Anniversary

We were finally able to have a party at our little cabin, celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary November 2014!  It was a laid back, boot scootin' good time!  :)

Thanks to Walker Lewis Rents for the awesome furnishings!

Jake's Tex Mex for the food

Frugatii's for the FRIED PICKLES!!! Yumm-O!!!!

DJ Rene for the music.  (Instagram) @DJ_R3N3_JW

and our good friend Josh Tryban for the photography!

And of course all of our friends and family that helped with the planning and executing!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Addendum to yesterday's post....Spiritual Update!

So a lot has happened spiritually as well this past year!  My husband went to Warwick for a month in January/February working in electrical.  Then, we had the privilege of going back together for three weeks in April.  What a blessing it has been to be a part of this enormous project!  It has been humbling and faith strengthening to say the least!

We have met so many wonderful brothers and sisters from all over with similar stories of sacrifice and putting complete trust in Jehovah for all they have and are able to do!

We also had to make the difficult decision to leave ASL for the time being for our son.  We are now attending the Rosedale English Cong. and look forward to seeing our son grow spiritually there!

Here's a few pics from our last trip!

Next project..... Arizona Navajo RTO!!!! Can't wait!  So many more privileges in store! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A lot of Change!

Recently I've had a few inquiries about our little place so I thought now was a good time to update the blog.  We've done a lot to it in the past year.  We built a pen and purchased a chicken coop and shed. 

The shed was a welcomed addition.  Now we have a place to house the bikes that were taking up so much space. 

We decided to raise a few chickens and now we get a little over a dozen eggs a day!  It's been really enjoyable watching them peck around the property and see the gifts they leave us every day!

Our son has outgrown the loft so we plan later to add height to the loft so he has a room.  Here's some pictures of the interior.

Until further improvements!  :)